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2, Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, #04-10A, Singapore 609601
6569 3965

Fay's Couture Fay's Couture Fay's Couture Fay's Couture Fay's Couture Fay's Couture Fay's Couture

Our Services

Fay's Couture offers designer gowns inspired by the iconic masterpieces of contemporary designers.

A gown – a bespoke beauty, whether in the vivacity of day or in the quietude of night; an alluring beauty that invites a smile to the lips of ladies and the gaze of men; a natural charm streamlined in a sensual silhouette.

Individually sewn by hand from concept to creation, each of our gowns embodies the style of feminine casualness, yet flush with flirty boldness. Utilizing sublime characteristics of specific fabrics and awash in pastel colours, the air of glamour is hence best exuded in Fay's Couture.


Share with us your ideas and inspiration. Specify the fabric, details and cutting of your fancy, before getting measured to fit to form, mood and muse.


Preserve the essence of pre-loved pieces, and alter them into rebirths of fashion and style.


Choose from current collections of exclusivity, and even alter them to your personal preferences. Brief-own for at least one week.