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Under Der Linden
5B Portsdown Rd, #01-02, Singapore 139311

Le Jardin
5Cox TerraceLevel 2, Fort Canning Arts Centre, Singapore 179620

Ce Sole
5B Portsdown Rd, #01-03, Singapore 139311
9771 8977

Fleursophy Group Fleursophy Group Fleursophy Group Fleursophy Group Fleursophy Group Fleursophy Group Fleursophy Group

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Unite a community of those important in your life over the simplest pleasure of all - the joy of food. At Fleursophy, we create lasting moments of bliss to moments of mystery, with experiences that leave you looking forward to the next. From stunning dwellings to top-notch service, a Fleursophy affair is unlike any other ﹒cast all preconceived notions of splendour aside and let us take you on a journey unlike any other, one that leaves an indelible mark on your mind, soul, and tongue.

The vibrancy and passion of flowers, brought to life. Born of a deep-seated love and appreciation of the beauty in Mother Nature's gift to us - flowers, Fleursophy is a collective of hospitality concepts inspired by and connected to the fascinating world of flowers. What began as a creative pursuit into the blooms of nature has blossomed into a group of brands renowned for insightful journeys into the living world, accompanied by unique scents and flavours inspired by the wild. At Fleursophy, each experience is a warm embrace from Mother Nature.