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We are an event-planning organisation that prepares and provide glamorized and Instagram-worthy setups for your picnics, birthdays, bridal showers and other special occasions. Best yet, we style up weddings, solemnisations and also after-parties! This platform is made for viewing our work and the services we provide. Not only is it pleasant to the eyes, but we aim to give our best service to our customers. 

Events are rather a hassle to prepare and tear down. No time? Too much logistics? Don’t worry, we got you covered on that. All delivered and picked up by us for your convenience.

We provide you an experience where you are able to bond with your loved ones in a place of comfort and relaxation all ready for you. A good quality setting plays a huge part in this and we will ensure that’s done to provide home for you, outdoors. 

When you really need a break, we WILL give you a break. 

Let’s talk about our current main scope, picnics. Besides it being a hassle for your homespace, we are aware that it is indeed costly to setup your own picnics/backdrops and having the resources to do so.  Thus, our themes and setups are made affordable for you. Of course, the last thing you would want to worry about on a date is how much all of it costs. Have a perfect date for your partner or even a huge family gathering at a worthy cost.