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It’s best to start dress hunting approximately a year before the wedding and, ideally, secure your gown about 6-8 months before your big day. This is so you’ll have ample time to research and find your dream wedding gown, attend fittings, and if need be, make some alterations for that perfect fit. On top of that, you’ll also need to look for suitable undergarments, veil, and shoes – all to accentuate your look.

To truly immortalise the moment, you’d want to select a bridal gown that flaunts your body shape and make you feel your best in it. Typically, women have five different body shapes: the triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, circle and hourglass body shape.

For triangular body types, consider princess-style dresses that cinch at your waist, allowing them to hide bigger hips. As for the inverted triangle body shape, a V-neckline dress can balance out your shoulders, or a wide trumpet dress can do the trick because it draws attention to your hips instead.

But, if you hold a more rectangular body type, it’s time to play with other strengths! Consider a V-back flowy gown to flaunt your back or an off-shoulder dress to draw attention to your beautiful collarbones. Whereas for a circle or apple body type, A-line dresses can best emphasise your upper torso and steer attention away from the mid-riff. Finally, for the girls out there with an hourglass body, boast your curves with a mermaid dress!

Traditionally, the bride and her family cover the cost of her attire. This includes the wedding gown, veil and other accompanying accessories that she will don on to complete her more-than-gorgeous bridal look! However, more modern couples are moving away from receiving monetary help from their families. Instead, couples decide to split the cost of the different wedding items or pull together a shared sum to pay off their wedding expenses.

Wedding & Evening Dress Rental | Bridal Gown Singapore

"Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin." Kickstart your romantic tale with the wedding gown of your dreams.

Capture everyone’s attention on your wedding day, or even in the pre-wedding photoshoot by wearing a beautiful dress that you feel comfortable in. With the wide range of bridal and evening gowns available in Singapore, from vintage-inspired designs to glamorous dresses, you will surely find your ideal dress. To discover some of the bridal and evening gowns that are available in Singapore, look through the beautiful dresses offered by some of our excellent vendors for rental. Our vendors can provide the assistance you need to find the perfect wedding gown. With their professional expertise, the gown rental process will be significantly simplified, reducing any undue stress for you and your partner.

Bridal and evening gowns come in countless designs, from timeless and sophisticated to modern and sensual designs. When deciding on your ideal bridal or evening gown, you should always consider if it would eventually match the overall theme of your wedding. Other factors to consider will include the location your wedding will be held in, your body shape and your preferred style. An outdoor wedding would likely make a ball gown dress very difficult to move around in due to the possibly uneven terrain. Similarly, a ball gown dress may overwhelm a petite frame and look less flattering than expected. A bridal consultant can offer you valuable advice that will help you find the perfect wedding and evening gown. If you cannot decide on where you should start looking for your ideal gowns, consider exploring the list of vendors featured on our website.

Apart from browsing this page, you should also explore our e-magazine, the Blissful Brides magazine. The magazine consists of our recommendations and advice on all things wedding related and can guide you along your journey to marital bliss. In the magazine, we also feature pictures of some of the stunning bridal and evening gowns available for rent from our vendors. If you are interested in a particular dress, you may want to approach the vendor directly and ask for their assistance. Alternatively, you can show pictures of gowns that you like to your selected bridal boutique. The consultant there will then have a better idea of your preferred style and subsequently, make better suggestions.

Finding the perfect wedding or evening gown in Singapore can be incredibly easy when you use Blissful Brides’ resources. Contact our vendors today and get one step closer to turning your dream wedding into reality.

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