Atcoustic Live Music

1 singer + 1 guitar + 1 keyboard

Atcoustic Live Music

Atcoustic Live Music 0

Wedding Live Music (3 piece band) - $ 1888.00

Atcoustic Live Music

Host for the whole banquet lunch / dinner

Atcoustic Live Music

Atcoustic Live Music 2

Wedding Emcee / Host - $ 500.00

Pan Pacific Singapore

A harmony of chic wedding décor, epicurean delights and bespoke service blend to create the fairy tale wedding that you have always envisioned. Enjoy an afternoon filled with romance and joy while we attend to every detail for this most memorable day.

Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore 3

Wedding Lunch Packages 2020 & 2021 - $ 1268.00

Alliance Coffee

2 trained baristas helming a complete specialty coffee bar. Package serves at least 150 cups. Contact us for customised packages.

Alliance Coffee

Alliance Coffee 0

Specialty Coffee Cart - $ 500.00

Atcoustic Live Music

1 singer + 1 guitar/keyboard

Atcoustic Live Music

Atcoustic Live Music 3

Wedding Live Music (2 piece band) - $ 1388.00

Pan Pacific Singapore

A celebration beyond expectations awaits on this memorable occasion. From exquisite floral arrangements to elegant wedding invitations and a selection of unique wedding themes, let us attend to every detail with personalised care and assist in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore 6

Wedding Dinner Packages 2020 & 2021 - $ 1088.00

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Singapore Wedding Portal Guide | Deals from Wedding Vendors

Blissful Brides is a wedding portal in Singapore that strives to help all couples plan their dream wedding by acting as a comprehensive guide for soon-to-be-married couples to find the tools they need. With a multitude of resources available on our portal, we hope that couples can have a stress-free and enjoyable experience when planning their wedding. Blissful Brides have over ten years of experience in the wedding planning industry, forming a strong connection with our excellent vendors. From jewellery, venues and restaurants to dresses, we have different vendors for you to choose from.

On our website, our vendors are arranged according to their function, allowing couples to easily find the resources they need. Simply enter the individual categories to discover the vendors we have in that particular category. Many of the vendors featured on our portal are highly regarded in the wedding industry, making them a great choice for any couple. With the vendors’ professional assistance, couples can receive the help they need to plan their ideal wedding. Apart from providing a guide to different vendors in Singapore, our portal will also feature deals that can help couples save some much-needed money when planning their wedding.

For couples in Singapore that need more resources when planning their wedding, Blissful Brides has a magazine they will surely help any couple plan their perfect wedding. Filled with gorgeous pictures and informative articles, couples can find a range of resources that will help them. Other than our magazine, couples can also find the resources they need by looking through our website. We have many entertaining and edifying articles ranging from financial management, relationships to beauty and wellness, helping couples find a solution to different problems.

Apart from our guides to wedding planning, Blissful Brides is also known for being the organiser of the Blissful Outdoor Wedding Shows (BOWS). The much-anticipated event is held three times a year, with exciting programmes planned throughout the event. Couples will be delighted by the many discounts and deals offered by a range of excellent wedding vendors. As the biggest outdoor wedding event in Singapore, couples can enjoy unparalleled convenience when they go to our event. Other than superb deals, couples can also look forward to the generous door gifts and attractive prizes that can be won during the event.

Undoubtedly, Blissful Brides is a one-stop guide to all the resources you need in Singapore to plan your wedding. For any questions, feel free to send an enquiry via the “Contact Us” page. Our professional and friendly team will be happy to assist you as much as they can. We look forward to helping you with your wedding planning through our resources.

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