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12A Liang Seah Street Singapore 189033
6222 3376

Carragheen Skincare Carragheen Skincare Carragheen Skincare Carragheen Skincare Carragheen Skincare Carragheen Skincare Carragheen Skincare

Our Services

Carragheen was established in 1999 by Cherlyn Ng, as a one-stop beauty haven designed for today's women constantly faced with changing lifestyle demands. Staffed by a dedicated team of beauty specialists equipped with the latest knowledge and proficient skills in the beauty industry, we are dedicated to our craft to provide you the best possible experience. With more than 10 years of experience in providing specialized beauty and body treatments, we give our clients the undivided attention they deserve to rediscover their natural beauty and confidence.


At Carragheen, a comprehensive skin analysis is conducted with homeopathy diagnosis to address the underlying root causes of your current skin conditions. We then recommend and administer a personalized set of treatments and products to restore the body’s self healing properties and at the same time, improve the skin condition. This holistic approach ensures visible results right from the very first visit.

We strongly believe that each individual is unique and hence, there is no one fixed formula that works for everyone. Instead, we are convinced that the functionality of one’s body is the key to most skin conditions. 


Pioneer in South East Asia since 2004, Carragheen’s team of beauty specialists are trained under strict standards to perform eyelash extensions with the most skillful techniques. We place great emphasis on keeping our clients’ lashes healthy and beautiful by using the most premium quality products from our in-house brand, LashMagic™, which was developed under careful selection and stringent quality control in Japan and Korea.

Services we provide includes:

  • Face Therapy
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Body Therapy
  • Bare Essentials

Latest Portfolios

Love having beautiful eyelashes but dread the cumbersome process of curling your lashes and applying mascara?

Eyelash by Carragheen is the perfect solution to the window of your soul for an instantly captivating look. Using top grade quality products to create eyelash extension styles for a long lasting effect.

Beautiful lashes, the safe and painless way!


Eyelash Extensions

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