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#02-23 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
65 6733 1131

Choo Yilin Choo Yilin Choo Yilin Choo Yilin Choo Yilin Choo Yilin

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Choo Yilin is an award winning label and jewellery storyteller of heritage, conservation and love. A purveyor of modern jade jewellery, the brand works primarily with handpicked Type A Burmese jadeite and vibrant-coloured semi-precious gemstones, woven with intricate metalwork detailing to bring its designs to life.

The brand launches ready-to-wear collections inspired by its roots and reinterpreted in timeless silhouettes every few months. It also specializes in reinventing heirloom pieces for the sophisticated women of today, creating contemporary interpretations of Si Dian Jin for Asian brides, heritage-inspired and personalised wedding bands, as well as bespoke heirloom rings that are visual idioms of the couples' love stories.

The Choo Yilin clientele is the discerning modern women with an eye for quality and finer details. Her approach to aesthetics is tasteful yet sophisticated – with an appreciation of classic style, oriental elements and keepsake creations that transcends passing trends and fads.