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190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-09,S 239924
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Our Services

Hello and welcome to our webpage. My name is Tanweer and I run Gem By Gems. We specialize in high quality custom made bespoke bridal jewelry. We have been in business for 12  years now and in this time, we have made almost all types of jewelry designs imaginable.

The difference from my company and other custom made jewellers is that at no point in time is any of our processes outsourced. From designing to manufacturing, every step is controlled by us. This equates to excellent workmanship and top notch quality control at absolutely unbeatable prices.

As we have our own diamond cutting factory in India, we guarantee you lowest prices on GIA certified diamonds. We have diamonds in all sizes, clarity and color. All you need to do to let us know what diamond size, color and clarity you are looking for and we will get back to you on a no obligation quotation. Should you find the same diamond specification at a lower price that what we are offering, i will include a 5% discount on the other party’s price, as part of our price beat guarantee.

Our craftsman is based in Hong Kong and all our jewelleries are manufactured there. Again, having our own workshop and craftsman means you will be getting the lowest possible price for your item. Submit your designs to us via our website, WhatsApp, Facebook or email with information such as ring size, type of metal to be used and budget in mind, and we will try our best to get you your dream rings, within your budget.

Do give us a try and i will personally see to it that you will be well taken care of! Get in touch with us today for you diamond and jewelry quotations at totally no obligations!