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43 Jalan Merah Saga, #03-76 Chip Bee Garden Singapore 278115
65 6570 5773
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Our Services

W Jewels is a bespoke jewelry company, where our signature handcrafted collections are meticulously planned out and uniquely strategized with your requirements in mind. 

We take the extra time to learn about your profile, habits and objective before delivering your custom proposal. 

Our products and services are built from scratch and tailored to your likings. 

Whether you are getting a piece for a gift or yourself, every piece must interact with you is second nature to us

Having to see beautiful pieces coming to life is what our clients enjoy.

With CW Jewels, you will receive the combined knowledge of practitioners specialised in jewellery. 

We only focus on providing jewellery designs which ensures uniqueness. With many art pieces completed under our belt,
we have the expertise required to ensure your jewellery is an overwhelming heirloom piece.

Our Services :

- Wedding Band
- Engagement Ring 
四点金 - Customary bridal sets
- Bespoke
- Mass products (B2B)