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222 Queen Street #02-02, Singapore 188550
6734 3172, 87420548
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The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke The King's Bespoke

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The King’s Bespoke (TK Bespoke) is a symbol of authenticity, luxury & beauty in the world of precious gems.

The brand vision is to be an icon for bespoke gemstone jewellery, especially in engagement and wedding rings.The entire creation process merges passion for gemstones with art and science. Each creation involves great care and conscientious efforts from selection of gems, designing the jewellery, to crafting out the finest piece. Every bespoke creation is designed with your needs in mind and crafted with love. Our team of designers, gemmologists and craftsmen work hand-in-hand to give you assurance in beauty and quality of the finest piece.

TK Bespoke is a brand build upon a rich 40-year heritage. It combines gemmological expertise with global sourcing experience in exquisite gemstones to create fine bespoke jewellery. It is one of the brands owned by the Far East Gem Group.

Far East Gem Group adopts a comprehensive business approach to retail, bespoke design, trading, gemstone testing, valuation, research to education & training. It also owns a private museum called The Gem Museum open to the public, to educate consumers in the deeper appreciation of the beauty and rarity of gemstones.