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15 Jalan Tepong, Jurong Food Hub, #04-05, (S) 619336

Pure Rich Biogems Pure Rich Biogems Pure Rich Biogems

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Pure Rich BioGems is a Singapore-based company that develops and manufactures health foods and beverages. The company was first established in 2012 to manufacture high-quality Bird's Nest products without the need of preservatives, chemical bleaching, artificial colouring or flavourings.

Throughout the years, the company has perfected the intermarriage between the art and science of Bird's Nest and Functional Foods manufacturing and research in Singapore. The company heavily invested in Food Science and Technological advances to meet the growing demands for safe and nutritious food products.

Pure Rich has two manufacturing plants located in Singapore (Jurong Food Hub) and Malaysia (Jalan Mahir) that supports manufacturing, research and development, and OEM services. For the past 4 years, using our own house-brand "Puváy", we have successfully developed and launched a range of:

  • bottled and dried bird's nest products

  • collagen beverages

  • weight management chia beverages

  • fruit based beverages

  • functional tea

Pure Rich also provides Private Label / OEM Services and R&D Services to various establishments in Singapore and Malaysia. We have worked with more than 25 SMEs, restaurants, and institutions for the past 3 years to develop and manufacture:

  • retorted dried bird's nest

  • bottled bird's nest products

  • beverages with nutritionally functional ingredients

  • collagen beverages

  • fruit and herbal tea beverages

  • sauces and soups

  • other bottled / retorted / canned products

These products are manufactured under strict Halal, HACCP, and ISO 22000:2005 food safety management protocols. All the products and services are intrinsically developed by certified Food Scientists and Food Technologists with wide range of expertise.