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Rida in Frames Rida in Frames Rida in Frames Rida in Frames Rida in Frames Rida in Frames Rida in Frames

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"What I like about photograph is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce." - Karl Lagerfeld.

We probably laugh too much when we're in conversation. We'll always be honest, open and straight. We are not better than anyone but we give our best shots all of the time.

We love sunshine here but not too much (as compared to our overseas Pre Wedding & Actual Day sun). Love journalistic wedding photography, meaning, telling it as it is and of course, coffee. Our services also includes Pre Wedding, Family Portraiture, Engagement and Events. So. Let's plan a meet over coffee or pasta if that's too mainstream because we want to meet you.

We don't claim to only use all natural light but they give awesome texture but will pull out speedlight for receptions indoors and those crazy night celebrations.