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AK Kua Photography AK Kua Photography AK Kua Photography AK Kua Photography AK Kua Photography AK Kua Photography AK Kua Photography

Our Services

Founded by AK Kua, an independent & professional photographer. With more than 10 years of photography experience, AK Kua Photography has now evolved into a bigger team. We are looking forward to capture what life brings us ahead. Our studio is the world outside our door and the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives. With our style of vibrant, natural and informal . We aims to capture the personalities of each couple. Our team photographs each events as it unfolds without interfering while making the shooting sessions fun and stress free. AK Kua Photography is not restricted by subject or location, only by an obligation to record the world we see with honesty and compassion.

AK Kua Photography would certainly satisfy your needs if you're looking for really good photography/videography, be it Portraiture, Events or Wedding etc.

AK Kua Photography pleased to offer the "VFM" (Value-For-Money) services in the following genres of photography as well as videography:

  • - Portraiture
  • - Events (Corporate, Schools, Personal)
  • - Weddings (Solemnisation/ROM, Pre-Wedding, Actual Day)
  • - Product Photography (Private, Commercial)
  • - Photo Montage Services
  • - Instant Print Services (Photobooth)
  • - Live Projection (Live Stream)