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Darren Francis Photography Darren Francis Photography Darren Francis Photography Darren Francis Photography Darren Francis Photography Darren Francis Photography Darren Francis Photography

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The ring you specially designed and crafted for your significant one. The perfect wedding dress with a unique flower bouquet that you have always dreamt of. The significant moment when you say, "I do," and romantically seal your vows with a kiss. Your loved ones who have set aside time to celebrate this special occasion with you.

For all the time and effort that you have dedicated to make the abovementioned come together, vividly stunning photos by Darren Francis will prove that it is all worth your while. Darren Francis comes with an arsenal of experiences, and he holds true to his belief in capturing the colours of your big day exactly as they are – from the tinge of ivory in the bride’s gown, to the touch of crimson on her cheeks.

Whenever you reminisce about this day with your loved one, even after several decades have passed, his photos will transport you back in time exactly the way it was on your wedding day – as if it was only yesterday.

Photography skills How does it relate to your wedding?
Events The excitement of gate crashing and celebrating with your guests, even in low light conditions
Products Creative shots of your wedding rings
Fashion and Glamour Beautiful portraits of you and your significant other
Installation Art Your wedding venue, and its décor theme
Architecture and Interiors The beauty of the surrounding landscape and architecture that serve as your backdrop
Pets Perhaps, your pet as the ring bearer?

Darren Francis is seasoned in all of the above types of photography, and it is clear how his wide range of expertise will come in handy when capturing all aspects of your special day. A fun-loving and affable professional, he is also a qualified Master photographer with The Master Photographers Association, which is based in the U.K. Aside from having extensive experience in both pre-wedding and actual day photography, Darren Francis also offers wedding photography for solemnisations, instant prints, live projections, and even wedding highlight montages.