Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore

Korean Artiz Studio - SingaporeKorean Artiz Studio - Singapore5

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76 Bras Basah Road #01-02 KOREAN ARTIZ STUDIO Singapore 189558
6250 7252
Opening hours:
Mon : 11 : 00 AM - 09 : 00 PM
Wed : 11 : 00 AM - 09 : 00 PM
Thu : 11 : 00 AM - 09 : 00 PM
Fri : 11 : 00 AM - 09 : 00 PM
Sat : 11 : 00 AM - 09 : 00 PM
Sun : 11 : 00 PM - 09 : 00 PM

Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore

Our Services

Artiz Studio was founded in 2008 by a professional Korean celebrity photographer. From humble beginnings in Bushan, Artiz Studio's skill, innovation and determination quickly has been coveted by the world's elite. Now, with Allen Shi at the helm as chief executive officer since 2009, Artiz Studio has expanded its offering to include pre-wedding photography, wedding banquet, wedding gowns & suits, accessories and jewellery, making it top player in the industry.

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Please contact us in advance to arrange a visit due to packed schedule. Thank you for understanding.

Latest Portfolios

Grace Kelly Korea is a multi-label designed wedding dress that dedicated to fulfilling every bride's dream. Grace Kelly is one of the most luxurious brands in France. In 1992, Grace Kelly was acquired by Korean wedding dress company and named as Grace Kelly Korea. Now, Grace Kelly Korea has become one of the luxury wedding dress brands in Asia and is praised as the most anticipated wedding dress for brides. The unshakable elite status has been established in the wedding fashion industry and Grace Kelly Korea will continue to let the brides experience wonderful moment through a luxury and unique wedding dress.


Grace Kelly Gowns Series

Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore