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If you’re clueless about Chinese wedding traditions, Le Knot is here to help. In an age of globalisation and Westernisation, it is important to hold onto the roots of Chinese tradition, especially on a day as important as your wedding.

Let the beauty of Chinese culture shine on your special day with Le Knot, a one-stop service for the myriad of items required for traditional Chinese marriage ceremonies. Don’t give yourself a headache trying to procure the necessary items that are hard to come by – let Le Knot take care of it for you and see that all the customary practices are adhered to in a manner that would make your elders proud.

Le Knot provides customised packages for Guo Da Li catered for the different Chinese dialect groups in Singapore. Additionally, it offers bed-setting sets, betrothal sets and other packages and services for an authentic traditional Chinese wedding.

Priding themselves on excellent customer service, Le Knot is always at hand to provide service with a smile as well as guidance on wedding customs and traditions that might be confusing for the modern generation.

With new items being launched every month, Le Knot strives to go beyond its excellence in providing for traditional Chinese weddings. It envisions a future in which a wider range of wedding-related products can be provided for different cultures. For now, let the past make the present more beautiful with Le Knot.


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