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76 Bras Basah Road #01-02 KOREAN ARTIZ STUDIO Singapore 189558
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Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore

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韩国Artiz工作室于2008年在韩国釜山成立,自此成为全球最时尚,最受欢迎的韩式婚纱摄影品牌之一.Artiz Studio拥有一支经验丰富的专业团队,致力于帮助您实现梦想中的婚纱摄影。我们的目标是及时捕捉奇异时刻的美丽,让这一刻持续一生。
我们的总部设在韩国。目前,Artiz Studio在首尔,吉隆坡,新加坡,上海,北京,香港,深圳和世界其他主要城市拥有40多家工作室。我们只做高端韩式婚纱摄影。我们所有的商店都与服装,化妆和摄影工作室相结合。我们40多个工作室的每个工作地点都配备了国际和本地专业人员我们的核心优势是人才以及在我们的组织中整合和留住有天赋的专业人员的能力。
到目前为止,Artiz Studio已为近100万对夫妇提供服务。我们将继续努力使其成为非常好的。


Latest Portfolios

The latest Series of 2018.
Watching sakura in Japan is no longer the best way to enjoy the beauty of Spring. Artiz Studio brings it back to you with an even more flourishing way. Fresh global launch.



Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore


From the Spring-Summer 2018 collection. Inspired by New York Waldorf’s signature dessert red velvet cake. Subversive change of main color use is adopted here. This is a combination of romance, nobility, just like your love.



Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore


The inspiration of this new collection comes from the New York Moma Art Gallery. This new collection photos is more fashionable and more elegant than our other former collections with the appropriate application of the taste of The New York Art Gallery. It is an art work that combines classic art with modern art, also an unique art form that integrates exquisite style, modern style and quite simple style in a proper way. The modern architectural style ceiling, the beautiful crystal lamps, the western style stairs as well as the simple but fabulous wedding dress all together carry out a kind of stunning pre wedding photography art.



Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore


Latest Events

Artiz Studio, established since 2008, has been the leading brand in the wedding industry, being exquisite and holding the taste of reliability, innovative & creativity in all aspects of pre-wedding photo shoot services. Specializing in high-end Korean style wedding photography, we are incredibly blessed to have a professional Korean photography team who dedicated themselves to taking the best wedding portraits possible.  Keen to know more about our company?  Come on down to Booth G3, at BOW'S during 04-06 January.  We would love to serve you the best that we have!


Korean Artiz Studio at BOWS

Korean Artiz Studio - Singapore 31

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2019/01/04 - 2019/01/06

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