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178 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409030 (Strictly by appointments only)
9790 1979

Lynda Low Makeover Services Lynda Low Makeover Services Lynda Low Makeover Services Lynda Low Makeover Services Lynda Low Makeover Services

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Lynda Low Makeover Studio of The Makeup and Hair Professionals is the forerunner in the Bridal Makeup and hair styling Industry in Singapore. Set up single handedly and headed by the Principal Makeup Artist of the Company, Lynda Low, who had trained under the best master teachers of the Bridal Makeup and hairstyling industry worldwide from countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Korea, Lynda had immense passion and pride in her work as a Bridal Makeup Artist and it could be seen from the many wonderful testimonials given by her clients.

Besides being knowledgeable and familiar about the various forms of makeup such as the America, Taiwanese style and the ever popular Korean style makeup styles techniques, Lynda is a makeup artist that do not just blindly follow the industry's trend but is able to create a makeup and hair style that is tailored and suited for every individual bride, based on her traits and personality. Lynda's bridal makeover style could be a combination of the best makeup style or hair styling techniques to bring out the best in her clients, to ensure they look their very best on their special day.

Hence, "We do our best so that you would look your best"

Lynda Low Makeover Studio had expanded since it was incorporated in 2007 to bring in capable and experienced makeup artists to assist in the makeovers of bridal party or other events.

Talk to Lynda today and find out how she can bring out the best in you, so that you can look flawless and beautiful on your wedding day.

For enquiries or correspondences, please email to