Spend with our
and stand a chance to win back your spendings in the $60,000 Grand Draw


  1. Make a purchase from any of the
    listed on Blissful Brides (Click to view the list of eligible vendors or refer to the listing below)
  2. Pay online Blissful Brides and be automatically enrolled in the $60,000 Grand Draw to stand a chance to win back your spending.

* If your preferred package is not listed on the premium vendor's profile, kindly contact the vendor via Message or select "Pay to Vendor" on the profile.

** Click here to find out how to pay online

We are excited to share that there will be 🎁 $𝟲𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬 Cash Rebate 𝗚𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗗𝗥𝗔𝗪 which will be held on 30th Oct (Sun), 9pm @ the seminar tent in 2022 October BOWS!

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Who is eligible?

For couples that have...

💎 Made a purchase with any vendor from 29 & 30 Oct in BOWS 2022 "A Love Forever".

💎 Made a purchase in our previous Blissful Online Wedding Shows during Covid.

Steps to join the $60,000 GRAND DRAW during 29th & 30th Oct:

Steps for couple who buy package from physical vendors:
  1. RSVP via
  2. Make a purchase with any physical vendor
  3. Join the lucky draw in the Cash Rebate Counter & stand to win $15,000 worth of prizes and up to $10,000 cash rebate on 29th Oct 2022.
    (There will be up to $10,000 cash rebates to be won on 29th Oct & $50,000 grand draw on 30th Oct)
  4. If you did not win anything from the $10,000 draw on 29th Oct, you can participate in the $50,000 grand draw on 30th Oct and stand to win back what you deposit!
Steps for couple who buy package from online vendors:
  1. RSVP via
  2. Make a purchase with any online vendor
  3. Submit your details and invoice via here
  4. Participate in our $50,000 grand draw on 30th Oct at 9pm in the seminar tent and stand to win back what you deposit!

Do take note that all participants need to be physically present on 30th Oct & bring along your invoice to participate in the cash rebate grand draw, otherwise your chance will be revoked.

Good luck!

$60,000 Grand Draw

Date Draw Amount Time Platform
First day of BOWS
(Grand Draw exclusive)
$10,000 Instant 2022 October BOWS
Second day of BOWS
(Cash Rebates & Grand Draw)
$50,000 9PM Bows Venue (click here to know more)

To claim your prize, winners must be:

  1. Physically present at the draw on the last day of physical BOWS
Terms & Conditions ($60,000 Grand Draw):
  1. This online lucky draw is organized by Citrus Media Pte Ltd. (“Citrus Media”).
  2. The lucky draw is open to all registered Blissful Brides online platform members (“Members”) residing in Singapore.
  3. To qualify for the online lucky draw, Members have to purchase a package from any of the premium vendors and make their payment online via Blissful Brides Platform between 14th Oct 2019 to the last day of physical BOWS
  4. Qualified orders will automatically enter in the Blissful Brides $60,000 Grand Draw. A separate submission is not required.
  5. Members are required to notify the vendor of their payment prior to submitting the payment on
  6. Eligible entries will only take into account the total amount paid online. The total value of the purchased package will not be considered unless being paid in full. For example, if a couple paid $1000 deposit for a $5000 package, $1000 will be entered into the lucky draw based on the total sum paid online via
  7. In the case of multiple payments made for a single order, eligible entries will be based on the amount shown on the individual payment transaction. For example, if a couple paid $1000, $1500 and $2000 for the same order, the prize amount will depend on the winning entry that is drawn.
  8. Total cash rebate amount will be deducted according to drawn amount until it has fallen to zero. The number of winners will be determined by the amount spent by the respective winners.
  9. To claim your prize, winners must be come down to the grand lucky draw’s event site on the last day of our physical BOWS at 9pm. Winners who are not present for the draw will have their rights to claim their cash prizes revoked.
  10. Online purchases via Blissful Pay will enjoy doubled chances of winning.
  11. Citrus Media will not be responsible for entries with incorrect contact information submitted.
  12. Winners must collect their prize at Citrus Media with their original NRIC within the specified collection period and agree to offer their assistance and presence for any upcoming follow-ups regarding the cash rebate including video interviews.
  13. Citrus Media reserves the right to amend and disqualify eligible entries which have been suspected of breaching the terms and condition.
  14. Members are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions upon submission of an entry for the online lucky draw.
  15. By participating in the online lucky draw, participants agree and acknowledge that all personal data submitted may be used by Citrus Media and its affiliates for marketing purposes.
  16. Citrus Media reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
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