4 benefits of pre-wedding counselling

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4 benefits of pre-wedding counselling

In the midst of planning for your wedding, there’s one aspect that you should not overlook or discount - pre-wedding counselling. Though it may not be seen as a necessity, it’s always best to keep this option in mind.

Couples tend to avoid pre-wedding counselling for various reasons, with fear and the perception of it being unnecessary being some of the most common. Pre-wedding counselling, while unfamiliar, offers couples multiple benefits as they go into marriage. Not only will it aid in building the foundation of a stable marriage, but it will also help couples improve their relationship.

If you’re still on the fence about pre-wedding counselling, here are four of its benefits to keep in mind.

Prompts you to think of and plan for the future

A trained and professional counsellor will guide you along by asking appropriate questions, prompting you to look beyond the here and now. This is especially useful as some couples tend to only focus on the present instead of the big picture.

With a counsellor, both of you are able to prepare yourselves for what is to come and effectively plan for it. This way, you won’t be left struggling to deal with some of the changes that marriage will bring to your life.

Builds communication skills 

Marriage requires teamwork. For it to remain steady as basis of your marriage, communication is essential. If you feel that your partner and you need to improve your communication method, pre-wedding counselling is a great place to start before tying the knot. With the help and guidance of a professional, both of you will learn how to communicate and listen to each other.

On the other hand, if your partner and you have been communicating with ease, pre-wedding counselling can better improve the way you communicate.

Uncomfortable topics are explored 

You may have spoken about various subjects throughout the course of your relationship. However, there could be some that have been unexplored or untouched for several reasons such as the unwillingness to address it.

However, in a controlled and safe setting with an unbiased professional, these topics can be discussed with professionalism and care. This way, before your lives are intertwined together, both of you can learn how to open up to each other about topics that make you uncomfortable in the future as well.

Unbiased and professional guidance

With a counsellor, you can be certain that you will be receiving unbiased and professional opinion and guidance. This will go a long way in benefitting both of you as the professional doesn't have an ulterior motive to help only one of you, but both.

For example, if both of you are caught in conflict and decide to approach a friend or family member, the guidance or advice you receive from them may do more harm than good, as they are emotionally invested in you, while a professional isn’t.

This way, both of you will also be prompted to think and look at your relationship based on the professional's observation. At the same time, counsellors are aware of how to approach every couple’s relationship with professionalism.

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