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“The Beauty Society is a place for passions. For beauty, lifestyle, happy times, weddings and sometimes teachings.”

Previously graduated with a Diploma in Optometry, Gerra realized that being an optometrist was not what she would be happy working in for the long term. Therefore, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue the unknowns of the artistic industry.This was what she has been fascinated in since young.

Mantra: You only live once, why waste it?

So, after graduating with a 2nd hair diploma course from Kimage, Gerra finds beauty styling is what she loves most. So, with an open mind she started to read up on lots of information on makeup. She even went hands-on on her own face and whoever she can get for practice!

Armed with self-taught makeup skills, a hair diploma, and MOST importantly a very determined and passionate heart, Gerra came out into a new career path to get more involved in the beauty industry.

Having zero support from parents and partner then, it sure wasn’t an easy decision. However, she has never once thought of giving up. One secret to forge ahead was- To live each day at a time.

She would deal with whatever happens one day at a time and currently still does.

This sure helps when she doesn’t worry and scaring herself of “What would” or “What might” happen in the future.

Also as the saying goes, when one door closes, a window opens. And this indeed happened for Gerra! Every time she decides to go all out and give up something to concentrate better on her passion, something better that fits into her requirements come along.

For this she is truly grateful.

Gerra proudly claims,” My forte is my versatility in my style, with an added specialty on Asian women!”

She is often engaged for brides’ wedding day, fashion and commercial shoots/print ads, corporate functions, beauty workshops, personal makeovers, photographers and videographers.

(Pretty much anything you can think of)

Having a restless heart sure helps to keep her busy!

Some popular brands she has done that you might be familiar with:

Love Bonito, MDS Collections, Runway Bandits, Lilypirates, Lucidol L (Mandom), Sephora, Chanel Beauty and  Cozycot’s 100 most inspiring women for two consecutive years 2011/2012 and much more.

With a personality that helps put people at ease, her clients are often her regulars and have since forged some solid friendships.

The Beauty Society encompasses talented individuals carefully handpicked to come together to work as a team. For the sole purpose of delivering the best services to women out there.

We look forward to meeting you.


Our Mission is to help you look Great, so you can change the World.



Hair and makeup beauty services based in Singapore. Established since 2008. Newly launched concept photography and styling.

Built purely on passion and the fine appreciation of art and beauty.


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