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Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd

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Club Med is the worldwide leader in upscale personalised holidays. Our Premium All-Inclusive Holidays allow guests the freedom to enjoy the wide variety of services and activities that our Resorts offer, be it on their own or with others.

Club Med’s premium positioning provides for an extraordinary experience for all guest, such as superb accommodation, international buffet cuisine prepared by expert chef, friendly multinational G.Os, all‑day bar and snacking, a host of popular sports and activities, nightly entertainment and performances as well as designated relaxation areas and premium services.

Whether you choose to relax and do nothing, or decide to participate in all the facilities that Club Med offers, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that all these activities and services are included in the price of your Club Med holiday. Most importantly, guests get to enjoy true quality time with their loved ones knowing that everything is safe and taken care of.

With over 70 resorts located all over the world, vacationers may look forward to spending a truly unforgettable holiday at exotic locations to! Hosted by a team of multinational G.Os (Gentle Organisers) amidst a unique, vibrant Club Med culture, vacationers are guaranteed warm, personable hospitality that speaks your language no matter where you go!



Value For Money Holiday That Allows You To Enjoy A Stress-Free, Budget-WiseHoliday

In a recent study carried out acrossAustralia,China,Japan,SingaporeandKorea, the ‘All-Inclusive Holiday’ concept proved to be an attractive formula in today’s economic climate. In fact, all-inclusive holidays were the top choice out of 17 other holiday concepts.

Amongst the reasons for its popularity is the fact that all-inclusive holiday packages make it easier to manage one’s vacation budget and a large number of participants – 58% of them – indicated a high level of interest for Club Med’s Premium All‑Inclusive packages, which include:

·  Travel details taken care of

Planning for your holiday can be a nightmare indeed with a host of details that need to be arranged. With the carefree all‑Inclusive package offered by Club Med, all travel details are set in advance - from flight to transfer – so that you enjoy your vacation knowing everything is taken care of.

·  Welcome by professional staff who speak your language

Travelling to a foreign land could be daunting especially when you don’t speak the local language. At Club Med, you will be hosted by professional and friendly teams, called G.O.’s. Our teams are multi‑cultural so guests will be greeted in their local language by a G.O of their nationality.


·  Comfort & refined accommodation

Intimate, sophisticated or exotic: your choice of room is guided by your personal preferences at Club Med. There are 3 categories of rooms to choose from –Superior, Deluxe and Suite, - as well as connecting rooms for families on a vacation. Breakfast services are available for Suite accommodations.

·  Bar and Snacking

Club Med’s all day Bar & Snacking – with a wide assortment of drinks and scrumptious snacks - allows guests to satisfy their sudden hunger pangs. Whether you are spending time with friends, family or enjoying some quality time by yourself, Club Med provides delectable accompaniments to enhance your experience!

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·  All meals included – with a wide choice of restaurants and cuisine

You can enjoy a wide range of cuisines from local food to international flavours - not just at the buffets but also in our specialty restaurants, cookery classes and personalised services. Sleep in and enjoy a leisurely late meal … Club Med cater for late breakfast and lunches so that you may enjoy a holiday at your own pace.

·  An interesting range of activities, materials and tuition at your disposal

Time is precious when you’re on holiday and you don’t want to waste it on organising your activities. Our enthusiastic, qualified tutors are on hand to guide every guest and help them enjoy our top-quality facilities.

·  Wide, open spaces with safe environment

A holiday is the perfect time to get out of the confines of the city – not to mention the pollution – and enjoy the wide expanse of nature. The average space of Club Med is on average two-and-a-half times larger than other resorts. Guests can choose to enjoy the space with others, or alone in privacy. All Club Med resorts are located in a preserved area, often with a private beach, protected from any potential external aggression, so you know you are perfectly safe.

·  Children are in good hands

Thanks to Club Med’s Kids Club concept dedicated to all ages, parents can enjoy time on their own, safe in the knowledge that their little ones are being looked after and entertained. A range of dedicated, wholesome programmes cater to children up to 17 years old, such as Baby Club Med® (4‑23 months - at extra cost and only in Phuket & Cherating Beach); Petit Club Med® (2-3 years - at extra cost); Mini Club Med® (4‑10 years) and Juniors’ Club Med/Club Med Passworld® (11-17 years). Each of these programmes come with supervision from our professional and friendly G.Os, while the children engage themselves in a slew of activities provided for them and catered to their age.

Designed specially for parents’ and babies’ comfort and convenience, Club Med Baby Welcome® is also included in the holiday package at no extra cost. Expect baby provisions such as children equipment, suitable baby food in the Special Baby Corner in the restaurant, baby strollers and toys etc.

·  Beautiful sites, attractive decor and feel-good ambience

Each Club Med Resort has its own unique décor that blends into the local culture. Located in the most beautiful places around the world, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, guests enjoy total relaxation.