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Pan Pacific Orchard SingaporePan Pacific Orchard Singapore5

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10 Claymore Road Singapore 229540
6831 6615

Pan Pacific Orchard Singapore Pan Pacific Orchard Singapore Pan Pacific Orchard Singapore

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Located at the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city, Pan Pacific Orchard is the epitome of a getaway. The hotel is only a short drive's away from the Central Business District and Changi International Airport, making it an extremely accessible location for you and your guests.

With Pan Pacific Orchard Singapore as the perfect backdrop to celebrate a fairytale union with your family and friends, your wedding will be a tapestry of joy and memories. Should you need help, their efficient and ever ready wedding professionals are always there to assist you with the details, creating a warm and inviting ambience to provide you with a one-of-a-kind wedding.

With a variety of decorations and themes to choose from, you can personalise your wedding to your desired setting. Choose from an intimate reception specially for a selected group or a more elaborate affair in the grand ballroom, fulfilling a fairytale wedding.

Besides these, take your pick from a poolside Hi Tea celebration, a cocktail reception or even a BBQ buffet. Pan Pacific Orchard has a wide variety of facilties and amenities to choose from, including a mineral water swimming pool for a well-deserved post-wedding dip. A first in Singapore, the NASApatented ionisation technology will help refresh and invigorate your mind and body.