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Wedding Live Band, Emcees, and Sound Systems

AnchorBlanc is your one stop solution for Acoustic Live Bands, Emcees, and Sound Systems. We are an acoustic band with soothing vocals and energetic beatboxing, complemented by the sounds of a guitar. Well versed in the music scene, AnchorBlanc combines Ferlyn’s style of soothing tone and soaring vocals, with Stitch’s high energy beatboxing, to create a powerful rendition of your favourite billingual pop hits. 

Acoustic Live Bands

We pride ourselves in being able to do songs from different Genres, different Languages, and different Eras. We want everyone at your Wedding / Event to be happy - from the 4 Year old who wants to hear baby shark, to the Teenagers who would like some Ed Sheeran, to the Adults who would like a taste of Bon Jovi, and to the Elderly who would like to relieve the good ol' days of Elvis Presley or 鄧麗君, we've got you covered.


Anchorblanc not only does singing, but can also Emcee at your wedding at a package price! We also offer the unique option of Duo Emcees or Solo Emcees. Many things could happen during your wedding, and you want to make sure that the emcee is experienced to handle it, as it is not enough to read off words from a script.

Sound System

Most venues require and sound system for the band. We are able to provide that as well!