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CLASSIC - $600.00 (30 to 50pax)30 Mr & Mrs. Cake Pop50 Macarons 30 Mini Chocolate Tarts30 Mini Colourful Vanilla Choux Puff30nos. Raspberry Panna Cotta in Petite TumblerBLISS - $950.00 (50 to 80pax)50 Mr & Mrs. Cake Pop75 Macarons 50 Mini Cupcakes Croquembouche Tower (Choux Puff with Hazelnut & Strawberry Cream)50 Petite Assorted Verrines (Kaya Pandan Panna Cotta with Azuki Beans & Chocolate Raspberry)75 Petit Tarts (Chocolate Tart, Fruit Tart & Sea Salt Caramel)DIVINE - $1800.00 (150 to 180pax)3 Tier *Fondant Cake (measures 5”, 8” & 11”), simple fondant design. *Complex design or additional tier will require topping up. Olde Style Retro Biscuits(Gem Biscuits, Fish Biscuits & Ears Cookies)Macaron Tower (approx. 150 nos of Macaron)Be My Valentine Heart CookiesApothecary Jars of Forgotten Kisses (Meringue Cookies) & Marshmallow Candy75 Petite Assorted Verrines (Osmanthus Jelly with Woflberry, Mango Pudding & Cheesecake Mousse)75 Petit Cakes (Mini Carrot Cake, Mini Earl Grey Chocolate Cake & Mini Cherry Marble Cake)