Triple Happiness for Adrian & Lin at W Hotel with the sassy Stefanie Sun
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Stefanie first called her on the phone asking for ShiLi & Adi's availability to perform at Lin, her best friend's wedding celebrations at W Hotel. The down to earth star introduced herself as Stefanie and she was referred to us by one of her band mates. We sent out proposal over to her email and she arranged for us to meet Lin. It was Lin who revealed to ShiLi during the meeting that Stefanie Sun had called to arrange the meeting earlier. The star struck ShiLi almost spilled her coffee and the rest was history.

The grand wedding at W Hotel was a celebration for Adrian and Lin as well as their niece and nephew who also tied the knot on the same day. Adrian, the groom, also invited his parents to renew their vows on stage with them as it was their 30th Anniversary during their wedding day.

What a joyous and grand occasion having ShiLi & Adi and their band perform together with Stefanie Sun as the couples marched in to the Great Room for the wedding proceedings. Stefanie also single handedly picked an Abba themed setlist for the band to perform! It was indeed a challenge but as usual, ShiLi & Adi always deliver.


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