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We are a group of professional photographer & videographer based in Singapore since 2007. We are passionate people who love to capture & record all the joyous moments in life and retelling them in our photographs & video, providing you with memorable collections of your life and love story. With our unique Classic . Artistic . Journalistic . Fun photography & videography style, we bring you your life moments in emotional and sophisticated pieces of high quality art with a timeless quality that last eternally. Get in touch with us today, be it to view our photography & videography samples, book our schedule or just to have a cuppa with us.
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Location : New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Bali, Krabi, iceland, Macau, Malaysia

Style : Classic . Artistic . Journalistic . Candict . Nature


Wayne Studio

Wayne Studio 4


114 Lavender Street CT HUB 2 #08-53 Singapore 338729


98450440/9845 0440


[email protected]

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