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Our counselling caters to various issues:

·     Pre-marital & Marital Relationship

·     Personal growth and healing

·     Extra-marital affairs

·     Torn Asunder Affair Recovery Programme

·     Parent-child / teen relationship

·     Any other emotional or relational difficulties

·     Syariah Court Mandatory Counselling


The Torn Asunder Affair Recovery Programme is a structured 90-day recovery process designed to help couples heal from affairs.

It serves to help couples stabilize their marriage in the initial crisis of affair discovery, provides structure for this emotionally volatile time, and enables them to sort through the particular factors that led them to their infidelity and map out a recovery process for both partners.


Syariah Court Mandatory Counselling Programme is to support Syariah Court (SYC) as one of the appointed agencies to help Muslim couples who have filed for divorce or opted for marriage counselling. We provide counselling help to SYC couples who are faced with a wide range of challenges and issues, namely: infidelity, financial issues, violent relationships, employment issues that lead to inability to provide for family and issues with in-laws.

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