Bespoke Engagment Ring
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Beautiful Engagement Rings

You have finally decided on your main diamond/gem stone for your proposal, now it time for you to decide on the ring setting. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Here are some of the more popular engagement ring styles at Benny's Gems.

Simple Solitaire

The simple solitaire is definitely the most popular engagement ring style, These classic solitaire design focus on the main stone itself. They are usually set in 4 or 6 prongs setting. A 4-prong setting gives an illusion of a bigger diamond as less gold is used. A 6-prong setting makes the diamond looks rounder and is a safer option as it has more prongs holding the center stone. 



Trilogy Ring

The three stone engagement ring is another popular choice, with 2 side diamonds or colored stone, it brings up the beauty of the center stone. Popular combination includes 1 diamond set with 2 fancy shape diamonds, or 1 colored stone set with 2 diamonds



Halo Ring

Another popular design would be the Halo design, the main stone is surrounded with diamonds or gemstones. This makes the center stone looks bigger and it also definitely adds more bling to it!


Solitaire with Side diamonds

Simple Solitaire with side diamonds also helps to add more “bling” to the main stone. We can also have some fun with the side diamonds by mixing different shape diamonds together.


Bespoke Engagement Ring 

If you are looking for something more unique, we can help you to design your dream ring. Here we have some of our customer Bespoke engagement Rings-designed by our team of talented designers and  handcrafted by our Master Craftsman.  Expect to wait between 6-8 weeks for all these handcrafted masterpiece! 


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