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Joey is one of the stronger and experienced vocalist in Music Box. She went through formal vocal training and mentorship from Singapore veteran composer and vocalist – Ken Chang (张泛) for 5 years and has since been singing regular, one-time gigs and singing competitions at various venues and for many events.For slow numbers, her vocals are sensual and brings her audiences through the song like a beautiful story. When it comes to hyped-up songs, she nails them like a rock-chic in concert!

Joey’s repertoire spans across Mandarin, English, Cantonese and even Hokkien numbers. She enjoys exploring new genres and sets high standards for herself in delivering her performances to her audiences. If you hear her sing in any Weddings, its simply sheer enjoyment and a listening pleasure!

Achievements, Performances & Competitions:

1) White Tangerine Café Performer (Dec 2007 – 2012)
2) C.Nai HK Express Café Vocalist (May 2009 – 2011)
3) Music Box Live Band Performer (2010 – Present)
4) Done gigs as singer outdoor performances and shopping malls.
5) Radio 1003星期六,乐生活Unplugged Performer (2011 – 2012)
6) Eve Bar Performer (2011 – Present)
7) Hood Bar Performer (2012)
8) ABU Radio Song Festival Singapore Performer (2012)
9) Mediacorp SURIA Variety Show 90’an Gerek Singing Competition Champion (2013)
10) Produced Own Album – Joey惠”心歌” under Dreamland Productions Pte Ltd (2013)
12) The People’s Company Performer (2014 – Present)

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