Xin Ying - Wedding Live Band Talent Showreel
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Xin Ying is one of the earliest pioneers in Music Box. She did the very 1st Wedding Gig with our Founder – Raynor back in 2007.

Spotting a sweet, cheerful and always joyful character, it is not difficult to know why many couples engage her to sing for their special day. She easily catches the attention of audiences and guests with her lively & bubbly hosting style and she infused the same great amount of zesty energy to her singing too!

If you were to be walking or catching up with Xin Ying at any point of time, it is not uncommon to hear her humming or singing her favorite tunes all the time as she loves singing like part of her daily life.

You might also know that she is a Chinese Radio DJ of SPH Radio Station – UFM 1003 where she has hosted numerous segments on-air and many popular events outdoors too!

Achievements, Performances & Competitions:

1) NYP Guitar Ensemble
2) NYP Idol
3) Old Folks Home Singing Performance
4) Tao Restaurant Unplug Performance
5) Street Festival
6) C.Nai HK Express Café Performer (2009 – 2010)
7) Music Box Live Band Performer (2007 – Present)
8) Host for Impresario Grand Finals 2012 (2012)
9) Host for Impresario Grand Finals 2013 (2013)

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