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Amore is a way of life. For 34 years, with a strong following of customers from all walks of life and 16 outlets island wide, Amore Fitness is more than a holistic and innovative approach to fitness and healthy living. Expect a combination of affordable world-class gym facilities, and fitness classes, including its 9 Signature classes: BellyBlitz®, BollyBlitz®, CardioBlitz®, CardioLatino®, FunkBlitz®, KickBlitz®, StepBlitz® and StretchFit®.
After your workout, relax at Amore Boutique Spa with a variety of treatments including facials, massages, hydrotherapy treats, scrubs, wraps and many more. With five-star spa facilities, you’ll find everything you need to wind down with our Jacuzzis, Oxygen Cove and aromatic steam bath facilities.
At Amore, our passion goes beyond to bring vibrancy and wellness to everyone, reaching out to the masses with our award-winning fitness programmes and quality spa services.