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423 Sembawang road, Singapore 758392
6257 1566

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A Chinese Heritage Of Love...

Specialising in traditional Chinese wedding pastries, Gin Thye is a reputed household name that has been devoted to serving Singaporeans with its nostalgic bakery selections since 1964.

Keeping Up With The Times…

Harnessing the vast knowledge, skills and expertise in baking, Gin Thye has progressed, modernised and invested in R&D to embrace innovation and creativity to bring new life into its bakery business. While focusing on new recipes and new creations, Gin Thye remains committed to the quality, taste and authenticity of its products, being particularly selective on the choice of ingredients, abiding by its time-proven techniques and ensuring the consistent results. Coupled with the craftsmanship of experienced pastry chefs, excitement abounds with the launch of each fresh concept.

… While Keeping Traditions Alive

Gin Thye plays a pivotal role in preserving Chinese customs with its traditional handcrafted confections for customary ceremonies and festive celebrations. Those delightful goodies form a precious part of our culture, stories and memories that are invaluable. We want to continuously share this appreciation for traditional foods that will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Spreading The Love

With expansion plans to the global markets, Gin Thye is set to spread its passionate love for Singapore’s unique cuisine with our international friends and pass on this cultural heritage to our future generations.