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6220 0043, 91686518
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Arlene Wedding Arlene Wedding

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Arlene Wedding has been at the forefront of Hong Kong’s wedding scene for over a decade, crafting numerous memorable experiences for couples embarking on the wedding journey. 

Being an avid travel photographer himself, co-founder Mr. Gaga believes that every couples’ photography experience should be a masterpiece of its own. Therefore, the enthusiastic team at Arlene Wedding is committed to quality, customer relationship and innovativeness, seeking to understand the couples’ individuality and constantly exploring new photography destinations for the couples, going the extra mile.

The company strives to grow with our supporters and to be able to capture every significant moment through their life journey.

Places where we have left our footprints:
Japan: Tokyo, Karuizawa, Kyushu, Okinawa, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hokkaido |
South Korea:  Seoul, Jeju, Nanyi Island | Australia: Sydney Melbourne Brisbane |
Singapore | Malaysia | Bali | Thailand | China Lijiang | Taiwan | Hong Kong | Macao |
France: Paris, Provence | United Kingdom: London | Germany: Berlin, Lindstrom, Neuschwanstein Castle | Italy: Venice | Czech Republic: Prague | Netherlands : Amsterdam | Switzerland: the Alps | Spain: Barcelona | Austria: Vienna | Greece: Santorini Island


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2018/05/18 - 2018/05/20

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