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Hello there!

We're a social enterprise purveying freshly brewed bird's nest while giving back to our community. Our nests are harvested directly from our very own swiftlet house in Vietnam where we oversee the whole process from harvesting, cleaning, brewing and all the way to your doorstep.

For every bottle that you purchase, part of the profit is channeled to our social projects in Ho Chi Minh where our bird's nests are harvested. We provide employment to the marginalised women giving them fair wages & flexible working hours. Each bottle is freshly brewed on day of delivery with no preservatives.

Read on to learn about how it all started ... 

Founded by Weiye, a Singaporean social entrepreneur, formerly based in Vietnam, he was inspired to make an impact with his life after seeing many orphaned children during his backpacking days around Southeast Asia.

As he made Vietnam his home, he committed to supporting an orphanage housing 33 children with his modest savings and proceeds from his first venture which was a humanitarian travel company. While he hopes that there will be less children needing to be housed due to unfavourable family situations, he sensed the need to provide employment for the marginalised women to curb the influx of abandoned children. 

In 2013, together with his wife, they built a swiftlet house to produce high quality bird's nest and recruited marginalised women in the society to help out in the cleaning and harvesting process. With fair wages and flexible working schedules, our team of women are able to support their family financially and balance both their family and work duties. 

With God's favour, in 2017, Weiye and his family had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and was mentioned in his Facebook post

We are immensely grateful to the individuals who helped create awareness towards the work being done in Vietnam through the following media features as this opened up opportunities to multiply our impact to the society.