5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

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5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

For couples who want to look their very best on their special day, losing weight may be an important part of wedding planning. However, while this modern age where information is widely accessible can provide lots of helpful tips, it has also resulted in the perpetuation of many myths and untruths about weight loss.

If you’re unsure why you don’t seem to be making progress on your journey to a healthier body, here are a few myths that might be hindering you from losing those extra pounds! 

Myth #1: All calories are created equal

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

This may bode well if you find counting calories tiresome. While all calories have the same energy content, the more important factor that you should consider when planning your diet is how they are processed by your body. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways when you ingest them and can have a diverse range of effects on your hunger, as well as the hormones that regulate body weight.

For example, calories from fruits are more filling as compared to that of refined and processed foods such as candy, which means you will be less inclined to eat excessively.

Myth #2: Losing weight is a linear process

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

Are you frustrated that the digits on the weighing scale seem to have a mind of their own? Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not a linear process. This is not a cause for concern — the human body’s body weight fluctuates day-to-day based on several factors, and simply carrying more food in your digestive system or retaining more water can contribute to significant weight changes.

This change can be even more pronounced in women, whose water weight may sway drastically during their menstrual cycles. As long as the general trend of your weight is downwards, you have nothing to worry about!

Myth #3: Fat makes you fat

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

It seems to make sense that eating fat will, in turn, make you fat. However, while fatty foods may be calorie-dense, it doesn’t necessarily mean that eating fatty foods will definitely result in weight gain.

In fact, according to a study on 63 individuals by the New England Journal of Medicine, individuals who were put on a high-fat, low-carb diet lost significantly more of their body weight as compared to those on a low-fat, high-carb diet. Your body needs fat to function properly, and cutting out fats entirely from your diet may not be the wisest of ideas!

Myth #4: Low-fat food is always healthier 

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

Even though fats might not be the primary reason for your weight gain, their high caloric density may warrant stricter monitoring of your fat intake. If so, you should stay vigilant while stalking the supermarket aisles for low-fat alternatives. Many supermarkets offer “low-fat” variations of products, but while these alternatives may contain less fat content than their “full fat” counterparts, they might still contain unhealthy levels of it.

Additionally, many low-fat alternatives are also high in sugar, which is why you should always check the labels of the food you consume!

Myth #5: Strength training means big, ugly muscles

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

Many women think that lifting weights will turn them into the Incredible Hulk, and this may be the reason why you yourself avoid strength training. However, the reality is that women naturally lack the necessary hormones to create large amounts of muscle mass, which means that the likelihood of you gaining bulky arms isn’t all that high.

In addition, moderate strength training can actually help you look leaner and tighter. With more muscle mass, your core is tighter, resulting in a firmer and flatter tummy, and your metabolic rate increases, which in turn results in your body naturally burning more calories.

No time to workout?

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

Workout regimes require time, dedication, and effort for you to see progress, which may not always be possible when you’re already juggling work, family, and wedding planning. This is why establishments such as VisionGym have specialised programmes that combine the use of modern technology with the expertise of their professional trainers to craft workouts that have maximum effectiveness.

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

Using a specialised and state-of-the-art Personal Training Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS) training system, VisionGym’s programme can help to stimulate up to 90% muscle activation, which is significantly higher than that of conventional training. Where a regular workout might need anywhere from 1-2 hours, their EMS workout allows you to burn at least twice the number of calories in just 20 minutes, giving you an optimised workout in a shorter time!

5 Common Weight-Loss Myths to Debunk Before Your Wedding

Individualised planning and customisable programmes based on your specific needs will be specially crafted for you, so that you can look your best at your pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding day. To find out more about VisionGym and their EMS training, simply call 6221 8557 or drop an e-mail to [email protected] for enquiries.

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