Hotel Fort Canning: Where Heritage and Modernity Meet to Create Unforgettable Weddings

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Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality at Hotel Fort Canning

Hotel Fort Canning: Where Heritage and Modernity Meet to Create Unforgettable Weddings

Source: Hotel Fort Canning

Nestled within the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park in a quiet corner is the heritage Hotel Fort Canning. Maintaining much of the colonial architecture from its past, the stunning romance of the hotel’s spaces and the serene privacy its location within the park affords it from the hustle and bustle of the city around makes it the perfect place for you to have your wedding ceremony. With its gorgeous surroundings as well as the expertise of the team at Hotel Fort Canning who have been awarded for their work, bring your dream reception to life at the hotel for a truly unforgettable experience with memories to last you a lifetime.

Breathtaking Venues, Both Outdoors and Indoors

Hotel Fort Canning: Where Heritage and Modernity Meet to Create Unforgettable Weddings

Source: Hotel Fort Canning

If you’ve always dreamed of saying your vows under the natural light of the setting sun against a backdrop of greenery, then Hotel Fort Canning has the venues for you. Of the hotel’s many offerings, one of the highlights is their beautiful outdoor garden venues that you can choose to have your reception in and enjoy the intimate atmosphere afforded by your surroundings.

Keen on walking down an aisle of soft, luscious grass towards your other half standing at the altar against a background of tall, majestic trees with all your loved ones in the crowd? Then the Marquee Terrace or the Garden Terrace will be perfect for you! Not only does it offer splendid greenery unique to outdoor venues as well as ample space to seat a good number of guests, these two terraces offer the view of the captivating façade of Hotel Fort Canning from their location before the façade.

Otherwise, for smaller and more intimate ceremonies, go for The Sun Deck or Tisettanta Terrace. Located on elevated terraces that allow for your reception to take place against the azure blue sky, its smaller area creates a cosier and intimate atmosphere for you and a smaller group of very special guests to celebrate your love with those who truly matter the most.

Although Hotel Fort Canning boasts these outdoor venues with pride, they also have a large range of options for indoor venues as well. If you’re keen on a traditional ballroom venue with a comfortable cooling environment for your reception, go for the majestic Legends Ballroom which comes equipped with all the facilities needed for an indoor reception. Alternatively, the Lavender Ballroom is another indoor ballroom venue which offers an open and gorgeous view of the historic Fort Canning Park from its windows that also allow natural light to brighten your reception up! The Jasmine Room is yet another good choice for an indoor venue, with its glass walls that allows a view of the outside while natural light streams in as well as the state-of-the-art audiovisual system in the ballroom to create an immersive experience for your guests through the course of your reception.

Still keen on indoor venues, but looking for spaces that offer a unique twist on the traditional indoor wedding venue? Consider the Grand Marquee, Singapore's largest fully-airconditioned hotel marquee, for your venue! As a marquee, it adds a special touch to your reception with the stunning draped ceiling and walls of the marquee being the perfect backdrop for you to say your vows against. Dotted with elegant chandeliers on the grand ceiling of the marquee, it’s a one-of-a-kind indoor venue to have your reception in! You can also consider The Glass House as another unique indoor venue at Hotel Fort Canning, with its glass façade offering an open view of the lush greenery in the park.

Ample Choice of Wedding Themes and Decoration

In addition to their variety of venues to fit each and any preference you have, Hotel Fort Canning also offers a wide range of themes that you can choose from to decorate your reception in. The themes available and the venues they are attached to are as follows:

  • Ethnic Weddings In The Park: Honour tradition with this theme, with your reception decorated according to your heritage and background.
  • Enchanted Serenity (Grand Marquee): With exquisite nature detailing and lush greenery for decorations, bring the spring in with this theme.
  • Fall Rhapsody (Jasmine Room/Legends Ballroom): Capture the colours of fall, Tuscany and Champagne Pink, in your reception.
  • D’Amore Grandeur (Legends Ballroom): With a palette of soft pink and deep crimson playing off each other, walk down the aisle amidst these timeless shades of romance.
  • Dream Blossoms (The Sun Deck): Deck out your ceremony in the palette of pink, coral and peony to complement the blue sky overhead.
  • Botanical Enchantment (Tisettanta Terrace): Quaint decorations and elements allow the beauty of Mother Nature to take centre stage.
  • Epitome of Love (Garden Terrace): Romantic shades of red, carmine and carnelian flora transform your reception into a gorgeous shrine dedicated to your love.
  • Eternity Joy (Marquee Terrace): Magical fairy lights, along with warm yellow and orange embellishments, light up the path to a new chapter of your life along with a magnificent floral arch.
  • Dazzling Enchantment (Marquee Terrace): Bold, navy accents along with the use of rich, lush greenery create a striking reception.
  • Nautical Romance (The Glass House): Deep navy elements and blue blooms, softened by blush pink flowers, weave a dreamy atmosphere.
  • Premium Chinese Tea Ceremony (The Glass House): Honour family and tradition with decorations and elements centred around the tea ceremony.
  • Ethereal Elegance (Lavender Ballroom): Soft, dreamy atmosphere with the use of pastel pinks and passionate reds to decorate the ballroom just the way you like it.

Heritage and Modernity Entertwine in Weddings at Hotel Fort Canning

Hotel Fort Canning offers a unique blend of the romance of colonial architecture against the modern themes and venues available for wedding receptions, creating an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Under the expertise of their team, you can be sure that your special day will be in safe and reliable hands to bring the wedding you’ve always dreamed of to life.

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