Tales of Romance under the Stars at Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Located amidst the vibrant cityscape of Singapore, Novotel Singapore on Stevens stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of hospitality. Boasting a blend of contemporary elegance and unparalleled service, this esteemed hotel redefines luxury accommodation. Situated conveniently close to Orchard Road, the city's renowned shopping district, Novotel Singapore on Stevens offers guests a perfect amalgamation of convenience and sophistication. To add, the hotel has a dedicated wedding team ready to help couples as best they can. They can also personalise weddings to the couple’s style, based on their unique tastes and preferences. Be it an intimate solemnization ceremony or a grand splendour of a wedding, create your love moments to capture the magic of your romantic story at Novotel Singapore on Stevens.

Pinnacle of Personalised Service (USPS)

Novotel and the wedding team are dedicated to nothing but the best for all couples. Expect to be treated to a variety of superb services with Novotel. Here are 4 notable ones below:

Versatile Venues

Set in a perfect blend of spatial greenery and city convenience, POLARIS on Stevens is a lush urban paradise of versatile venue spaces. Be it elegant and timeless, rustic and vintage, or whimsical and magical, Novotel is able to provide dazzling decorations and styles that couples will surely be pleased with. To add, venues are able to accommodate up to 320 guests if couples are looking forward to a grand affair with all their friends and family present.

Effortless Receptions

Enjoy your special day together with your beloved guests over a decadent 8-Course authentic Chinese cuisine, specially crafted by Novotel’s culinary banquet chefs. The menu showcases a panoply of flavours and will provide an unparalleled gastronomic experience for the happy couple and their guests. Paired with exceptional service and great ambiance, Novotel provides an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Your guests will surely relish the delectable delights and be left fully satisfied.

Extraordinary Enhancements

Elevate your magical wedding with a selection of aesthetic wedding themes and reception enhancements such as Eternal Elegance, Rustic Vintage, The Enchanted Garden of love, and Whimsical Wonderland. Each of these themes have something special to offer and will surely leave the happy couple and their guests in awe. Couples can look forward to transforming your special day into a truly breath-taking event.

Dedicated Wedding Team

Last but not least, Novotel’s dedicated team of wedding professionals is devoted to creating the most enchanting wedding experience for you. Every detail is perfectly curated for a wonderful celebration – from the planning, venue selection, customised decorations, to so much more. Couples can certainly enjoy a fuss-free and ideal wedding with Novotel.

Unparalleled variety, distinctive charm

As mentioned above, Novotel has no shortage of venues and themes that are well suited to diverse preferences and needs. Here are a few exciting ones that couples can look forward to experiencing:

Eternal Elegance

For couples who wish to take things up a notch, fill your guests with awe with Eternal Elegance’s delightful combination of charming, star-like string lights and rustic bouquets. Reminiscent of a romantic night under the stars, this theme very conveniently provides all the beauty and allure of an outdoor wedding amidst the lush comforts of an indoor venue.

Tales of Romance under the Stars at Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Rustic Vintage

Rustic Vintage is the ideal theme for an elevated, elegant and timeless wedding. Make your grand entrance down a dreamy aisle surrounded with peachy-pink hues bouquets and dedicated strings of fairy lights while immersing yourself in an enchanted wedding in the woods.

Tales of Romance under the Stars at Novotel Singapore on Stevens

The Enchanted Garden of Love

The Enchanted Garden of Love is a lovely and whimsical romantic wedding theme consisting of red and gold hues. Step into the swirling mist while listening to a romantic song that encompasses your own love story as the couple walks down the floral-adorned aisle and exchanges vows surrounded by an abundance of red floral blooms. The magical ceremony is enhanced with romantic lighting and elevated with wow-worthy tablescape décor at every turn.

Tales of Romance under the Stars at Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Glittering Bliss

Glittering Bliss is another whimsical and dreamy theme with shades of blue, white and gold. Paired with fairy lights galore, vintage candlesticks, and a silver canopy, it transforms the ballroom into a winter wonderland, adding to the romance of the celebration.

Tales of Romance under the Stars at Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Look no further than Novotel for the wedding of your dreams

To have and to hold, from today, tomorrow and always; Celebrate the day of love and promises at Novotel Singapore on Stevens.

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Novotel Singapore on Stevens

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