Worst Wedding Scenarios: A Groom’s Survival Guide

Worst Wedding Scenarios: A Groom’s Survival Guide

Even if you are a laidback groom that leaves most of the planning to your excited soon-to-be bride, it’s always good to be prepared for any scenario that crops up on your big day. 

Scenario 1: Lost rings

Your best man hurries over to tell you that your ring-bearer has somehow managed to lose those all-important wedding rings! Your best bet is to keep calm, quietly inform your bride that you’ll make it up to her after the ceremony, and get your best man to quickly borrow a ring of any kind (a leaf ring, if it comes to that!) when the moment comes to ‘exchange rings’. After all, it’s the meaning behind it that counts!

Scenario 2: More guests than tables

Somehow, your friends and family have brought along some extra guests without informing you! Quickly alert the hotel or restaurant’s banquet manager and discuss if it’s possible to add more tables if there is enough space. Leave the specific details of the seating arrangement to your best man and the entourage. 

Scenario 3: Over-drinking

With such a celebratory mood, it’s easy for you or your guests to get carried away with alcohol. When guests start to act a little too boisterous, instead of directly approaching them, get a tactful groomsmen or bridesmaid to tactfully assist them out or ask them to quieten down. 

Scenario 4: Angry or upset bride

When things don’t work out as planned (for example, in terms of décor or activities), your bride might feel disappointed at what might be the day she dreamt of for a long time. As the groom, it’s important to be supportive and calm in the face of any disappointment, or even anger. All it might take are small but thoughtful gestures – simply leave her a love note, give her a hug when things get chaotic or reassure her that she looks stunning. After all, a happy bride is a beautiful bride! 

No matter how dire the situation seems, stay calm and make sure that you and your bride continue to enjoy yourselves regardless of any wedding hiccups – remember it’s your special day!

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