6 reasons to have a destination wedding

6 reasons to have a destination wedding

Have you always dreamed of having your wedding on romantic, scenic shores or somewhere with fairy-tale like settings? Or have you wanted to stand out of the crowd and have a wedding that different from every other wedding you attended? 

Here’s an idea for you - have a destination wedding! 

With destination weddings, you will have all that you wished for and possibly more! We have 6 reasons that might possibly convince you to have a destination wedding for yourself.  

Moderately priced 
Contrary to common belief, destination weddings are not always more expensive that local weddings. In fact, in some instances, destination weddings can be a whole lot more affordable than locally held weddings. 
This is because, resorts and/or hotels have wedding packages that cover the necessities including your accommodations. You can also check with the hotel/resort for promotions on accommodation costs for your guests, especially if you are planning to invite a bulk of people. 

Relaxing & Simple
If you were to plan your own local wedding on your own, you would probably have to oversee a ton of wedding details. However, with destination weddings, most of it is taken for you as part of your wedding package. There would be a significantly lesser amount of stress and pressure on your spouse, you and your families. Allowing you to enjoy your wedding process a whole lot more. 

Great reason to size down on guest list 
This is the perfect excuse for you to be able to cut down your guest list to only family and close friends. It’s usually the people who matter that most that will take the time and money to go with your spouse on you on this mini-vacation and to celebrate with you. 

More quality time with your guests 
Destination weddings usually last a few days, giving your spouse and you the opportunity to spend more quality time with your guests. This is totally different as compared to the amount of time you would spend with your guests if you were to have a local wedding where you would only be able to spend a few minutes with each guest personally. 

Save on decoration 
Your destination wedding venue is bound to be naturally beautiful, hence allowing you to save on decorations and other miscellaneous items that might add to your expenses. Moreover, even if your wedding is not held outdoors, the decorations will most likely fall under the package that you signed up for. However, be sure to clarify that before signing the package. 

Double honeymoon 
There is no better time for your spouse and you to treat yourselves than during your own wedding period. Your destination wedding location can act as a pre-honeymoon and you can also opt to go for a proper honeymoon after the legalities and celebrations. The choice is all yours! 

On a parting note, remember to check and complete the necessary legalities that you need to know and cover before diving into your destination wedding plans!

By: Veronica Francis

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