A Detailed Guide While Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring

A Detailed Guide While Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of your most expensive and permanent purchases that you will make in your life other than a car and your house. It is a clear representation of your love and a lasting symbol of the most important relationship in your lifetime. Therefore, you should exercise caution while choosing a diamond engagement ring since it signifies a huge milestone in your relationship with your partner. This guide below helps you choose the ideal diamond engagement ring for your special day.

Set your Budget

Diamonds are expensive, and you may sometime use almost all of your two months’ salary to purchase one. You will be confronted with different varieties to choose from, and this can be very confusing to anyone without in-depth knowledge of diamond styles and designs. Therefore, it is advisable to get to a store with a set amount that you are willing to spend while buying a diamond ring.  This will make it easier to choose from the options available that fall within your budget. Some stores in Singapore have liaised with various banks to make it easier to buy a ring on loan. However, you should be ready to pay higher interest rates after getting a loan. It is advisable to pay the whole amount on the purchase since you can easily get to enjoy a small discount on the rings.

Pay Attention to the fours C’s of Diamond Quality

The four C’s of diamond quality include Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. Knowledge of this four elements makes diamond purchasing easier. Below is a quick explanation of every C and how they help in making diamond purchasing easier.

•    Cut

This refers to the brilliance and the sparkle of a diamond engagement ring and not its shape. The grading scale of each cut varies from poor to excellent. Excellent and the very good cuts are the best choices while buying a diamond ring since they interact well with the light to bring out a perfect sparkle.

•    Color

The color of a diamond is different from the color of the band. A diamond's color varies from D to Z with D being the most expensive and colorless and Z containing the strongest yellow tints. While choosing a diamond, always go for colors from D to H. There is a slight color difference in I, but some people will still go for it. Colors below J have hints of yellow with the intensity increasing as you move further towards Z.

•    Clarity

This refers to the flaws in a diamond. A diamond may appear flawless to the naked eye, but it is hard to find one without an inclusion. The best choice in terms of clarity is a “very slightly included, (VSI)” or a “very, very slightly included, (VVSI).”

•    Carat

This is the last thing that you should pay attention to among the four C’s. The price of a diamond increases with the carat size, with the larger sizes being very rare in the market. You can always save your expense by buying a diamond ring with a karat difference of 0.2. This means a 0.8-carat size ring is a bit more affordable than a 1.0-carat diamond.

Know Her Ring Size

You will save yourself the embarrassment of buying a ring that is too small or large by finding out your girlfriend’s ring size. Remember that a jeweler will also charge extra for any resizing that has to be done after purchase. There are various ways of getting her ring size which includes getting one of her existing rings, pressing a ring on a bar of soap, tracing the inner side of the ring on a piece of paper or measuring using your finger and marking where it stops. Some couples will opt to go together to the jeweler, but this eliminates the surprise factor. Remember that there are rings that you cannot resize while others are only subject to a very small resizing. Therefore, you need to be sure of both you and your partner’s ring size before buying a ring.

Her Tastes in Jewelry is also important

Some ladies are into gold jewelry while others like silver. In the case of a preference for gold, it would be ideal to get a yellow gold, or a rose gold diamond engagement ring while platinum or silver is ideal for the silver wear lovers. Some women also prefer classics like a round cut ring while others like it modern like in the case of a princess cut.

Different Types and Setting

There are many types of cuts to choose from while buying a diamond engagement ring ranging from the princess cut, heart, cushion, round cut, oval, emerald or the pear-shaped diamonds. You can also go for the various settings available in most stores which include the halo, Tiffany, pave, bezel, solitaire, or the channel setting among others. There are different ring bands to choose from, with the common ones being white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver and yellow gold.

There are many styles, colors, and settings available in most jewelry stores in Singapore, so getting a perfect choice should not be a problem. However, choosing a diamond engagement ring can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the standard terms used by most sellers. This guide will help you get the best ring for your loved one.

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