For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding Shop

For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding Shop

The Chinese Wedding Shop 嫁到 (jia dao) ...

Blissful Brides is honored to present The Chinese Wedding Shop as this year’s Editor’s Choice Award Winner under the Wedding Essentials category. The Chinese Wedding Shop has held this title since 2016!

Founded in 2009, The Chinese Wedding Shop takes pride in being the beacon that guides couples through the journey of attaining the ultimate traditional Chinese wedding. The sole purpose of the business is to preserve and promote Chinese wedding customs. If you can’t already tell, The Chinese Wedding Shop is the leading brand in the market of Chinese weddings in Singapore and is trusted by many, including us.

The Epitome of Convenience

Located at AMK Jubilee Square, Bedok Town Centre, Parkway Parade, JEM, and Jurong Point, The Chinese Wedding Shop prides itself as a one-stop-shop for couples of all dialects. Talk about inclusivity! With an array of high-quality products for couples to choose from, the brand wishes to bring about the finest Guo Da Li experience for both sides of the family.

Typically, there are 5 main traditions that are observed in today’s Chinese weddings.

Betrothal Day

On this auspicious day, the groom will bring betrothal gifts, dowry money, and gold jewelry like the Si Dian Jin to present to the Bride’s family. 
Usually, the amount and quantity have already been discussed between the 2 families. 
Some items prepared — such as the type of wedding biscuits, dragon and phoenix candles, and the type of gold jewelry — can vary depending on the couple’s dialect group.

Setting the Matrimonial Bed

As private as bedrooms are, in the past, an assortment of auspicious grains were scattered on the matrimonial bed. 

Today, the tradition has been adapted such that it is more convenient and acceptable for the young couple, in the form of nicely packed grains placed on a nice tray, along with other auspicious items in an instagrammable set-up in the bridal room.

Hair Combing

For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding Shop

Back then, married couples with good fortune were preferred to help the to-wed couple with their Hair-Combing ceremony. 

However, we believe that the couple's parents can also do this as they hold the best wishes for the groom and bride. 

Fetching the Beloved Bride

For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding Shop

You have probably heard of gate-crashing. After all, it is the best part of the entire wedding process, at least for the bridesmaids.

On the morning of the wedding day, the groom and his best men will arrive at the bride’s place. There, they will have to complete a series of insufferable games (albeit humorous, at the expense of the men) in order to meet the bride. Usually, the bridesmaids have the final say in letting the groom meet the bride. 

Tea Ceremony

For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding Shop

Infamous and essential, a Chinese wedding cannot be complete without a tea ceremony. 

Usually, the couple must kneel and serve tea to their parents, as a sign of filial piety. A pair of Kneeling Cushions is prepared for the couple to prop their knees up, symbolizing a prosperous future.

Now that you’ve seen the many traditional practices that comprise a Chinese wedding, which, if not all, are you keen on? The fantastic thing about The Chinese Wedding Shop is their customized packages for each unique tradition!

Packages Available

Hair Combing Set

For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding Shop

Decked in a prosperous, bright red, the hair combing set is a great example of the smaller packages that The Chinese Wedding Shop has to offer. Click here to see what the set includes!

To those who wish to enjoy a fuss-free Guo Da Li preparation, The Chinese Wedding Shop has customized betrothal packages with all the essential items included.

Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Package  

For The Orthodox: The Chinese Wedding ShopThe Betrothal Package is customized with essentials to suit the needs of the tradition according to dialect groups. It generally consists of food items carrying auspicious meanings.

Dragon & Phoenix candles are also included, which are a part of the traditional Chinese wedding customs. The package also includes the rental of a traditional tiered wedding basket, which we will loan to you for 3 days FOC. 

The package consists of the basic requirements of what the Groom should prepare for Guo Da Li, and it comes along with a Procedure List, where we guide you on the meanings of items and how/when/where to use them. Click here to see what the package comprises!

While we only featured 2 packages from The Chinese Wedding Shop, fret not, as they have more packages in store for you. Still not sure which package you should opt for? Feel free to sign up for a Free Customary Consultation with our customary experts to kickstart your ultimate Chinese Wedding by contacting us here!

Contact Details

Tel: +65 9363 6128


AMK Central (map)
Address: #01-12a Jubilee SQ,
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore, 569814
Tel: +65 6455 9863
Hours of Operation: 11:30am to 9pm daily

BEDOK Central (map)

Address: #01-169 HDB Bedok Town Centre
Blk 214, Bedok North Street 1, Singapore, 460214
Tel: +65 6241 3182
Hours of Operation: 11:30am to 9pm daily

JURONG EAST Central (map)

Address: #04-51a JEM,
50 Jurong Gateway, Singapore, 608549
Tel: +65 6684 8006
Hours of Operation: 11:30am to 9pm daily

JURONG WEST Central (map)

Address: #03-25C JP1 Jurong Point,
1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore, 648886
Tel: +65 6250 6803
Hours of Operation: 11:30am to 9pm daily

MARINE PARADE Central (map)

Address: B1-29 Parkway Parade,
80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore, 449269
Tel: +65 6844 9609
Hours of Operation: 11:30am to 9pm daily




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