Going Offline: Pros and Cons of an Unplugged Wedding

Going Offline: Pros and Cons of an Unplugged Wedding

Ever attended a wedding where you could witness the ceremony without the interruption from a phone or camera? With the rising tendency to document every event of our lives for social media, it has become almost impossible to sit through an event without a guest or more attempting to capture shots or recordings of the couple. 

This is where unplugged weddings come into play. The term “unplugged wedding”, simply refers to a wedding without the use of electronic devices, with professional photographers and videographers being the exception. While it may not the norm, unplugged weddings are anything but unusual. 

If you have been toying with the idea of an unplugged wedding, here are the pros and cons of hosting one.  


1. Living in the Moment

One of the main purposes of an unplugged wedding is for guests to be in the moment. Without the distraction from devices, guests can simply appreciate the significance of the event. This will also truly make them, and not their phones, the witnesses of your union.

2. Undisrupted Wedding Photos

One of the biggest struggles of Singapore wedding photographers and videographers is fighting for the best points to capture the best shots of the couples. Despite being the professionals at the event, they are often competing with your guests to ensure they are able to document your big day as best as they can. 

An unplugged wedding will ease the process tremendously for them and will also produce stunning wedding photographs without the unsightly photobomb of phones or cameras. Photographers and videographers will also be able to capture shots of your guests without devices obstructing the view. 

3. Minimal Distraction

Going Offline: Pros and Cons of an Unplugged Wedding

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Even though you are the focus the day, having crowds of phones, iPads or cameras pointed at you can be nerve-racking and distracting. You may feel additional pressure and/or nerves with the additional “eyes”. However, without the additional devices pointed at you, it could be easier to relax and enjoy yourself as you make your vows. 

4. Increased privacy 

If you have no desire for your wedding photos to be posted on social media platforms, an unplugged wedding will take care of that. This prevents guests from posting photos or videos of the wedding on the stop and allows you to be the first to post about your big day. Additionally, it also protects the privacy of guests that aren’t comfortable with their photos going online without prior notice as well. 


1. Upset Guests

As mentioned, guests can hardly be seen without a phone poised to capture or cameras of their own. Everyone wants to document the event for themselves in their own way and being unable to do so at your wedding may upset or anger them. However, this may be avoided if you inform your guests in advance, either through invitation cards or by personally contacting them.

2. Rulebreakers 

Because this practice isn't a norm, there is still a likelihood of guests whipping out their phones during the event. In such an event, there may not be much you can do to stop them. At the same time, the rebellion of one guest may motivate others to follow suit, ruining the wedding you pictured having. 

3. A Single Point of View

Going Offline: Pros and Cons of an Unplugged Wedding

While you’ve engaged photographers and videographers to document your big day in the best possible way, you’re essentially only getting a single point of view of your wedding. With an unplugged wedding, the one thing that you may miss out on is a guest’s point of view of your celebration. Your guests are in the company of other guests, allowing them to capture the candid moments that happen on the ground that the professionals may miss. 

That said, it’s not necessary for the entire celebration to be unplugged. You may opt to implement this aspect at certain points of your wedding. At the same time, if you do choose to proceed with an unplugged wedding, inform your guests in advance to provide them ample time to be prepared instead of being taken by surprise on the day of your wedding. 

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