These Comics Absolutely Nail Everyday Scenarios for Couples

What does love look like on a day-to-day basis? These illustrators absolutely nailed it with the following comic strips. Totally relatable, am I right?

1. This monumental transition that every couple goes through.

2. When you’ve hung out so much that you run out TV shows to watch.

3.  But it doesn’t matter as you’ve become so comfortable with each other that you simply want to be with other.

4. Because just being together makes everything better. It even makes doing nothing better.

5. In fact, being together makes even the worst day so much better.

6. When you’ve been together so long that you are way past the “shameless” threshold.

7. “Marking your territory” because if it’s up to you, no one should be allowed to ogle at him other than you. 

8. Which is fair enough, as no one else is allowed to do this to you other than him.

9. Arguments are inevitable, but you always make up… Eventually…

10. When your husband-to-be loves you, but low-key loves food just as much.

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