Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

Colourpop is back with their famous Disney collaborations! This time, the brand has decided to shine the limelight on Disney’s evil queens (and kings) and giving all brides-to-be the perfect reason to embrace their darker side for the big day. 

This limited edition villain collection, aptly dubbed as Misunderstood, focuses on six of Disney’s most infamous characters including the OG Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Hades and Dr Facilier.  

Featuring a range of 27 products, the Misunderstood line holds lipsticks, glosses, eye-shadows and highlighters named and designed to reflect each villain. 

Pressed Powder Shadow Palette 

Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

Misunderstood’s powder shadow palette holds a devious combination of deep mattes, colour-shifting duo-chromes and metallic colour pans. You’ll have no trouble slaying your look with the palette’s evil shade range that includes metallic rich olive green with gold flecks to matte deep blue shades. 

Jelly Much Shadow 

Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

If you’re more of an intense villain, Colourpop has concocted Jelly Much Shadow, a water-based formula that promises intense pigmentation. Available in 6 shades, these metallic Jelly Much shadows is sure to bring you the honour of being the fairest of ‘em all. 

Ultra Glossy Lip  

Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

Have your inner villain shine brightly with Misunderstood’s Ultra Glossy Lip. The lip gloss range holds six varying colours from deep cranberry, termed “Bad Apple” fashioned after the Evil Queen to an opalescent blue shade after Ursula termed “Sad but True”. Each tube of gloss is enriched with jojoba oil, designed to moisturise, nourish and fuller-looking lips.  

Creme Lux Lipsticks 

Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

Lipsticks are every villain’s staple and Colourpop has delivered. Each Misunderstood villain has a creme lux lipstick dedicated to them. From nudes to bright siren red and colours in between, the Creme Lux Lipsticks are also available in 6 different shades. Plus, with a formula enriched with pomegranate, goji fruit and grape seed extract, achieve every villain’s goal of prolonging your natural youthful beauty. 

Super Shock Highlighter 

Unveiling Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection

Blind the poor unfortunate souls with the Super Shock Highlighter. Promising the ultimate glow with a buildable, blendable and soft formula, the highlighter is just another way to announce your presence. Available in six shades, from the Fairest of All to Mistress of All Evil. 

As Ursala said, “life is full of some tough choices” and this collection proves to be one of them! If you can’t decide which villain you love more, Colourpop has released a limited edition set that contains every item in Misunderstood. Or, You can also opt to purchase the individual villain collection that consists of a Lux Lipstick, Ultra Glossy Lip and Super Shock Highlighter inspired after them. Shop the collection from Colourpop now!

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