Weddings of Singapore: #4 How to Save for My Wedding During COVID-19 [Featuring Joseph Tan, Financial Services Manager, ACQUITY]

In light of COVID-19, how should you plan your finances to achieve your dream wedding and finance goals as a couple?

Blissful Brides is partnering with Joseph Tan, Financial Services Manager, ACQUITY, to give you tips on how to save and plan for a wedding during COVID-19. Don't forget to tune in on Saturday, 6th June at 8PM and leave your questions in the comment section during the live stream!

Topics covered:

  • Relationships during COVID-19
  • Wedding plans then vs. now
  • Financial measures for the long term
Only on Weddings of Singapore, a brand new talk show, masterclass, and Q&A all in one meant to inform, support, and spread positivity amidst troubled times.

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Financial Services Manager, Joseph Tan and Associates

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