2017 Wedding Cake Trends to Look Forward To

The cutting of a wedding cake is an age-old tradition with various symbolisms. In modern years, wedding cakes have been given another role: an impressive display to wow guests.

If you have yet to decide on a cake for your big day, use this list of predicted trends as a guide. In fact, be bold and try to combine some of these different trend in one cake!


Naturally, one will not see anything with a metallic surface and think it to be edible. Despite that, metallic cake is one of the hottest up-and-coming trend! A sleek, shiny exterior easily boosts the elegance of a cake. Be it gold, silver, or copper — and going full metallic or only using it as accents — this will certainly amaze your guests.


Marble prints were everywhere in 2016 — on phone cases, tabletops, notebook, the list goes on. It was only a matter of time before it made its way onto wedding cakes. This trend is not going anywhere in 2017.

Image source: sweetbakes_ on Instagram


A naked cake is unfrosted, or sometimes barely frosted. This is perfect for couples who believe that less is more and appreciate a rustic vibe.

Geometric Patterns

If you like minimalism but want something that looks more put together than a naked cake, go for a cake with simple geometric patterns. You will still get the clean, edgy look without having the cake be too intricate.

Image source: AK Cake Design


Without getting too geographical, geodes are hollow rocks with crystals lining its cavity. Beautiful in nature, beautiful on a cake too.

Image source: utahbrideblog on Instagram

Watercolour painted

After ombre coloured cakes, it is unsurprising that “watercolour painted” cakes become a trend as well. Different hues subtly blend into one another, achieving a colourful look without being too in-your-face.

Image source: Sprinkle Bakes

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