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Wedding photography has been around since the invention of the camera, although like the technology that it’s dependent upon, the art of wedding photography has changed. When photographing wedding portraits first started getting popular in the mid 19th century, they could only be afforded by the wealthy, and due to the heavy and fragile equipment, were only taken in studios. In fact, due to the difficulty of manoeuvring photography equipment, and the fact that couples often had to stay in the same position for several minutes, these portraits were only taken before or after the actual wedding, and never on the same day.

As photography technology evolved, wedding photography has changed in many ways, and wedding photography in Singapore and other parts of the world now take the form of both formal portraits and candid, on-the-day photos that a couple can keep in memory of their wedding day. The multi photo wedding albums that we’re familiar with today only emerged in the late 19th century, and only in recent years has candid wedding photography become popular.

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Wedding Photography in Singapore

Wedding photography in Singapore is regarded as an almost indispensable part of any wedding, and couples often splurge on pre wedding photo shoots in their gowns and suits to create albums that can be displayed on their wedding day itself.

Wedding photography in Singapore usually also includes the presence of onsite photographers who are tasked with capturing happy, candid moments during the wedding that the couple can then keep for themselves. These photographers often follow the couple around during their wedding day, and take photos of everything, from the guests to the food and the location.

These photos are then usually edited, printed, and sent to the couple in a bound album which they can show off to their friends, family, and even their future children.

In general, wedding photography in Singapore can be expensive, with photographers charging up to the thousands for a full day service and a limited amount of printed and edited photos. These charges usually don’t include pre wedding photoshoots either, which can cost several thousands, depending on where, how and who the couple decides on the take their photos.

Due to the high cost, and the pressure to get their wedding photos taken anyway, many couples have taken to buying packages from overseas photography studios, who provide the service in their own countries. These countries include Indonesia, Taiwan and korea, and couples gladly shell out for these as they not only get to take photos away from the concrete jungle that is Singapore, but they get to take a short holiday before the wedding as well.

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Another emerging wedding photography trend in Singapore is the iPhone wedding photoshoot. And yes, it’s exactly what it’s name implies. The photoshoot is taken entirely using a phone, and usually by one of the couple’s own friends. Despite the low cost shoot, many are turning to this as a creative, fun, and out of the norm way of creating that coveted photo album, and many have come up with professional photoshoot worthy images.

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