Most Popular Flowers For Wedding Bouquet

Having trouble choosing which flowers to use for your wedding bouquet? With thousands of varieties available, it is not surprising to know why you have a difficult time picking the ideal flowers. Searching for the most popular wedding flowers can get a little overwhelming. You have plenty of choices but you can’t decide which one to select since each of them has a unique characteristic.

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Try to picture yourself walking through a beautiful and colourful garden with every kind of flower. Which flowers will you pick? Are you going to choose the most colourful one? The rarest?The most fragrant? To help you narrow down your choices here is a quick roundup of the most favourite wedding blossoms that you can consider for your wedding bouquet or centrepieces.


Roses have long been considered as a symbol of love and beauty. Many romantic poets and writers have used this flower as a metaphor for emotion, true love, passion, and beauty throughout the ages. Gorgeous and truly beautiful, this flower lets you know that there is something special going on. The rose is far from boring especially when it comes to colour since it is available in bicolour varieties and solid shades. In fact, you can find striped roses and tipped roses. With over three thousand varieties of roses grown commercially, you have different of choices or you can mix some.

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Calla Lily

Calla Lily, also known as the arum lily, becomes a favourite choice among many brides today. This elegant, trumpet-shaped flower originated in Africa and is believed to symbolise splendid beauty in the language of flowers. Its distinctive shape has been depicted in Art Nouveau and Art Deco works. There are two types of Calla Lily commonly available such as the large-headed variety with a long, smooth stem, and the miniature version perfect for boutonnieres and nosegays. Calla Lilies come in different colours like orange, dark purple, yellow, and mauve-pink but the most popular shade for wedding bouquet is the creamy ivory.


Tulips are commonly associated with the Netherlands since there are several farms growing this flower in the country. However, tulips are actually a native of Persia, symbolising happy years and consuming love. Tulip can be a meaningful choice for a wedding. This flower can enhance both casual venues and elegant wedding settings. It can be used for boutonnieres, table arrangements, and bouquets. Tulips come in a wide range of colours, including pink, yellow, magenta, purple, red, cream, and white. The rare varieties of tulip can be very expensive while the common types are cheaper.


Orchid is the usual flower choice for a wedding with tropical settings. This flower symbolises charm and beauty which make it more than just a destination wedding staple. Orchid comes in many varieties, in shades of white, purple, and green. It is widely used in wedding ceremonies with a traditional or modern theme. The flower is so flexible, looking gorgeous in full arrangements or classy in minimalist-style single stems.

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Another popular choice for wedding bouquet is Peony. Symbolising happiness, this flower features full of soft, fluffy petals that make it look so delicate and beautiful. Peonies have become the new favourite wedding flower choice nowadays. If you love fragrant flowers, peonies are a perfect option since they smell delicious. A single stem of peony can be expensive but its size can help fill out a bouquet or centrepiece.

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