Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

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Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

Our Momento's Value

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, filled with emotions, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Our Momento strives to capture every moment. To ensure that you can relive these precious moments for years to come, you need a photography and videography team that not only captures the essence of your day but also offers valued and personalised wedding photography services.

Among these decisions, choosing the right wedding photographer in Singapore stands out as crucial. However, in a world where wedding expenses can quickly spiral, finding a photographer who offers both affordable and up-to-standard service seems difficult. This is where Our Momento provides wedding photography that is not seen as a luxury, but an accessible keepsake for all.

Every couple is unique, with their own story, dreams, and budget. The essence of Our Momento’s approach is to offer modestly priced wedding photography packages without compromising on the standard and depth that your special day deserves.

Our Momento's Unique Packages

There are several features unique to Our Momento's wedding photography packages.

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

Modest Transparent Pricing

Our Momento provides its wedding photography packages and prices upfront. This allows couples to know beforehand and understand exactly what they are paying for without any hidden fees. This is paramount to building trust between photographers and their clients. These packages detail the number of hours of coverage, the number of photographers present, the number of softcopies edited photos returned, 4R prints, and more.

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

For instance, Our Momento's basic wedding photography package starts at $688, offering 6 hours of coverage by a single wedding photographer, 500 softcopy edited photos, 10 softcopy further edited photos, and 10 hardcopy 4R prints. Delivery via Google Drive and Mail.

Transparent pricing ensures that couples can easily compare packages across different photographers, understanding the value and service provided at each price point. Couples can plan their wedding budget with confidence as well. This approach not only simplifies the decision-making process for the couple but also establishes a clear, straightforward business practice.

In addition, Our Momento does not have extra costs in their packages for morning or weekend surcharges currently.

Flexible/Personalised Packages

Similarly, Our Momento offers various coverage of your wedding day, from early-morning preparations to late-night celebrations or wedding lunches/dinners. Understanding that every wedding is different, Our Momento offers customisable packages to meet the specific needs and desires of each couple.

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

Whether you're planning a grand celebration or a more intimate gathering, they'll work with you to tailor a photography solution that fits your vision and budget.

The packages range between 6 to 10 hours of actual day wedding photography. However, if you need 3 hours or 5 hours, they will pro-rate the pricing to fit your needs, allowing more flexibility for all kinds of wedding events.

Portfolio Transparency

Our Momento's portfolio transparency in wedding photography services is an important aspect that allows clients to gauge the quality, style (traditional, documentary, fine art, etc.), and versatility of their photographer's work. It involves the photographer openly sharing a comprehensive collection of their previous wedding assignments, showcasing a variety of themes, settings, and moments. 

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

This transparency helps clients understand what to expect in terms of the photographer's capability to capture the essence of their special day. It not only includes a range of photographs demonstrating technical skills such as lighting, composition, and editing but also highlights the photographer's ability to capture candid moments, emotions, and the overall narrative of the wedding day.

Portfolio transparency assures clients of the photographer's consistency across different wedding environments and themes, aiding them in making an informed decision. It establishes trust and confidence between the photographer and the client, ensuring that the client's expectations are aligned with the photographer's style and expertise.

4R Prints in All Packages + Free Shipping

Our wedding photography services offer an exclusive package that includes 4R prints for all your cherished moments, ensuring you have tangible memories too.

The 4R print, measuring 4x6 inches, is the perfect size for photo albums, frames, and sharing with loved ones. As a token of our commitment to making your special day memorable, they provide free shipping for these prints directly to your mailbox.
The aim is to provide a seamless experience from the moment you choose Our Momento for your wedding photography needs, offering quality prints that capture the essence of your celebration.

Lifetime Google Drive Storage Backup Access To Your Photos

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

Last but not least, Our Momento's lifetime Google Drive storage backup access in its wedding photography packages is a modern solution designed to ensure the safekeeping and easy access to your precious wedding memories.

This feature allows your wedding photos to be stored in the cloud, leveraging Google Drive's robust platform for secure, online storage. With lifetime access, couples can rest assured that their wedding photos are preserved for the long term and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, provided there is internet connectivity.

This eliminates the worry of physical storage devices getting damaged or lost over time. Moreover, Google Drive's user-friendly interface makes it simple to share these cherished moments with family and friends or even collaborate by adding personal notes or selecting favourites for printing. 

Communication & Consultation

Our Momento provides free consultation and is available to discuss any special request or event flow of your wedding day as well.

Photography is an art while your actual wedding day is an event. Our Momento believes in mixing both for their approach to your vision and style. Whether you prefer natural, candid shots or have a specific creative concept in mind, they are ready to discuss details with you, from mood boards to location and poses.  These are just some enquiry examples, feel free to ask any questions as it is just a WhatsApp or an Email away.

Capture your Forever Moments Today

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

In the world of wedding photography and videography, Our Momento provides more options for affordability and personalised service. Guidance and planning to ensure that the process flows seamlessly on your big day. They ensure that every moment is captured, from posed shots to candid moments. Strive to strike a balance, making your wedding day stress-free while capturing the genuine emotions that make your day truly special.

Beyond weddings, Our Momento offers a wide range of photography services, including pre-wedding photoshootscouple photoshootssolemnisation photography, proposals, all things lovebirds, families, and more.

As a token of appreciation, Our Momento offers a 10% discount for first-time customers who follow them on Facebook + Instagram

For inquiries and bookings, visit their website at Our Momento or email them at [email protected].

Your wedding day is a chapter in your love story. Let Our Momento capture this forever moment for you today.

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Phone: 8020 2902

Small Scale, Big Value Wedding Photography By Our Momento Singapore

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